Working Remotely

There are many challenges that we are currently being faced with that have resulted in a new and unusual working environment. It is important to maintain as much “normal” in working from home as possible to ensure the transition of going back to work is smoother.

Tips to help with working remotely

  1. Dedicate a specific space to work from. Make this space as comfortable as possible, with a chair that is appropriate for the day. Try to have as much natural light as possible and maybe add a little plant or decoration to the setting.

  2. Start the day as if you were going to the office. Shower and present yourself suitable for public viewing. This helps draw the line between being at home and being at work.

  3. Schedule your time by allocating time blocks for specific activity and meal breaks to help manage your time efficiently. Be very clear on when you are to be working and when you are not.

  4. Stay on track with your schedule. Your most motivational energy is in the morning, so create a morning routine. It is directionally important to set your intention and your tasks at this time, to help fuel the momentum of motivation and productivity throughout the day.  

  5. Stay connected via phone or video chat regularly with your colleagues. This will help break up the isolation, share ideas, help provide feedback, and avoid miscommunication.

  6. Aim for a holistic approach to nourish your overall wellbeing. This means taking care of your whole self your mental and physical health together with your nutrition choices.

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