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At CRE & Co, we focus on sourcing talent across three key areas: Trades, Industrial Operations & Business Support.


Leave it to CRE to find skilled, reliable casual Trades for your project. We’re highly experienced in the trade labour market and have a wide Australian network on which to draw.

Harness our connections and industry knowledge to build a team of efficient and capable industrial trades. Our services surpass most labour hire firms. We go deeper, consulting with clients to understand the unique requirements of a project. We then match both skills and personality to fit.

We’ll take care of the whole labour process – from hiring to candidate briefing to payroll – so that you can get on with business.

Industrial Operations

Successfully managing operations and logistics is crucial for the success of industrial projects. Drive efficiency and production by getting the perfect operational team in place.

Our team focuses on talent recruitment for the industrial sector across Process Optimisation, Manufacturing Strategies, Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Quality control.

We collaborate closely with clients to identify exactly what their business needs to succeed. Thanks to our specialised knowledge, we can assess needs on a case-by-case basis and create a tailored approach to address the specific challenges.

Become more competitive with optimised operations, navigate disruptions and be ‘match fit’ to win new opportunities across the industrial landscape.

Business Support

We match clients with the best candidates across diverse professional service roles. Enhance efficiency and efficacy across verticals.
Our areas of expertise including sourcing top performers across Human Resources, Regulatory Compliance, Administrative and Back Office support.

The first step is always to gain a deep understanding of your needs, then delivering tailored job roles to drive productivity and streamline operations.
Acquire top business support talent and optimise workforce performance, so that you can focus on core strategy to thrive in the industrial sector.

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